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Our mission

LT Student Mentoring Scheme is specially designed for the freshmen to get adapted to the new university life with the help of their senior schoolfellows who serve on a voluntary basis. Under this scheme, mentors and mentees will form an integrated network to share our experiences and learn from each other. This interaction also helps to cultivate among us a strong sense of belonging to the Department, and to the University.

Throughout our studies in City University, we shall inevitably face different challenges, and through the mentor-mentee relationship, we are confident to develop our competence by overcoming the difficulties one by one. Through the various activities, we shall not only enrich our university life, but also develop ourselves into capable, responsible and sensible individuals.

Our logo

Designed by Ken K.M. Lam (BATI graduate) in 2005.
Retouched by H.T. Wong (BATI graduate) in 2007.

Our activities (Subject to changes annually)

Mentors-mentees Meetings
Shenzhen Bookhunt
LT Booster Camp

Benefits of being a student mentor

1. Learning through mentoring junior students
2. Gaining project-management experience through organizing student activities
3. Lifelong friendship with other mentors and junior students
4. Good impression from teachers and classmates
5. An enriched university life
6. A complimentary Student Mentoring Scheme Polo T-shirt
7. A certificate from CityU acknowledging your contribution upon the completion of service

Join us

Application of member recruitment opens annually from late March to Mid-April. Details are sent through CityU's campus e-mail in March.

Requirements of being a student mentor (Subject to changes annually):
1. A non-final-year student in one of the LT undergraduate programmes (BATI/BAL/BALS)
2. Willing to take up the duties of a mentor for a whole academic year
3. CGPA 3.0 or above
4. Will be in Hong Kong during Semester A of the following academic year
5. Attend "SDS Mentor Induction Workshop" (a half-day training provided by SDS) in summer
6. Sign and submit the Service Pledge before receiving the offer

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